What are my qualifications to teach? I could tell you that I studied at the Chapel of Awareness in Encinitas, California, to enhance my psychic and healing abilities; that being educated in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has enabled me to learn the language of my own mind; that as a Reiki Master I have the gift to heal body, mind, and spirit; and, that my studies in Asian Metaphysics including Peach Blossom I-Ching and Tarot, have enabled me to blend my world of techniques in a unique and exciting way.

But I believe my true qualifications come from the “been there, done that” school of life lessons. I have taken all that I have experienced, studied, learned, and lived over the years and created a set of tools that will provide quick and positive results.

My passion is to serve, support, and teach women of all ages to overcome those private, nagging negative thoughts we women often have about ourselves; to KNOW that we are stronger than we believe ourselves to be; and, to never question our ability to accomplish whatever we choose.