It’s already a few days into 2018…have you made your New Year’s Resolution yet? Did you make one…..or perhaps, three? Resolution, according to Miriam Webster, means ‘a firm decision to do or not do something’. Well, it would seem to me that if one was making a ‘Resolution’, they would be serious about it and actually go through with their changes. According to statistics,100% of people begin, but 80% have given up by the second week in February! Whoops! I wonder if this means they have chosen to look at a Resolution as just something that is fun to do and have no intentions of following through?

Old habits die slowly. And I think that is basically what we are trying to change when we attempt to make a New Year’s Resolution….habits. We set all-or-nothing goals for ourselves; we create unrealistic expectations; or, we set too many. We are struggling to change our already set habits. When we aren’t accomplishing what we have expected, we become discouraged and disappointed in ourselves, so we give up…here we come second week in February! We are setting ourselves up for failure and we haven’t even started yet! So you don’t feel alone in making resolutions, I found a list of changes people want to make for any new year that I thought I’d share with you. They are

37% want to stay fit and healthy (that would mean they are already fit and healthy)
32% want to lose weight (this would be at the top of my list)
28% want to enjoy life to the fullest (this assumes you have created a life you enjoy)
25% want to spend less and save more (uh oh…no new shoes)
19% want to spend more time with family and friends (why is this last?)

So, I have some suggestions for setting your New Year’s Resolutions that might help you keep them longer than a month.

Have a PURPOSE and a PLAN….and the most important part, create your ACTION. I have a friend who’s son is getting married in the spring so she wanted to look her best, and perhaps, smallest. She started last year to lose weight; she wants to fit into a size 6 dress. This is her PURPOSE and her PLAN. Her action? She is on an eating plan that enables her to lose the weight and she’s been sticking to it. This is her ACTION. I don’t know how much she has lost, but she looks like a smaller person today and she still has a few months to go. You go, Girl!
Be excited about your Resolution! Good energy keeps you on the right track.
Another way to help with your Resolution is to start in small increments…there is a greater chance of succeeding. If you’re working on giving up sweets, just have a bite or two instead of the entire portion, working yourself down to once in a while.
Have a definite start date. Since we are already past January 1, pick the next Monday that works for you….or maybe Sunday is the beginning of your week. It’s a mind set you are working on and starting at the beginning is where your start line is.
Whatever you have decided is your Resolution, report what you are doing on a daily basis to a friend; make yourself accountable for your changes.
Work on your Resolution from a daily standpoint instead of a forever one. One day at a time…makes it easier on you. See #3.

Or, you can attempt something different and exciting…and positive… for your New Year’s Resolution:

Turn off your phone while you eat a meal OR leave it at home if you go out. Or, if you eat at home, turn of the ringer. Shocking, I know.
Smile more. This is a very inexpensive maneuver and besides, you use less muscles in your face to smile than you do if you frown. 🙂
Do something different. If you go to the movies, try a play instead. Or the opera! Or eat a different kind of ethnic food. Or, if you cook, try a new recipe.
Walk more around your neighborhood. Who knows, you might discover something you don’t see when you drive.
Volunteer someplace. Someone can always use your services.
Make a new friend. In this case, more is always better.
Learn to do something new. Do you speak Mandarin? One of those languages that may be good to know….
Whatever your New Year’s Resolution may be, whether you accomplish them or not, or whether you attempt something different, enjoy what you are doing. Life can be so full of negative things; be blessed to know that you can create a positive change in your life.