Thank you so much for selecting SusanARogers.com! This website is designed to teach, support, and assist women to be and feel strong and confident about themselves. Bear with me in the coming months as I find the website that works best for what I want to present to you. There will be changes, so check in often!

My platform is based on mind / body / spirit. My purpose is to provide a monthly blog about self growth / self healing / self loving / healthy living.

The blog is a reflection of what I have learned in life, the classes I have attended, and the reading……so much reading! But, then, I love books! The blog is centered around women and their inner abilities, qualities, and judgment (self confidence). These are what we see on the outside. But it’s confidence and strength coming from the inside that creates worth, values, and self esteem. These are what we don’t see, but know are on the inside. This is where the changes begin.

Hence, healing from the inside…out.

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